Why use Chefs Direct?

“Chefs Direct are in a class of their own, they truly understand our brand, ethos and ambition”

Lauri Hilli
Executive head chef / Circa 1924

“Chefs Direct have supported me at every stage of my career development and their advice has always been first class”

Davin Browning
Cornwall's Next Head Chef 2014

“Chefs Direct is always my first call when my clients are looking to recruit. They have a great understanding of the industry and really take the time to understand their customer’s needs.”

Peter Gorton
Hospitality Consultant & Masterchef of Great Britain

“I’ve used Chefs Direct for all the Rose & Crown’s recruitment needs over the last two years and they’ve delivered great candidates every time”

Simon Warner
Owner at The Rose & Crown / The Rose & Crown


The fate of our plates

It’s a thought that’s been bugging me for a while. A constant, inner cerebral nagging that’s hard to shake especially if, like me, you’re wired for eternal existential contemplation. The thought is this: “what does the future of the hospitality industry look like?”. Now that’s a big question. And I

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The Dating Agency

I love my family. They’re great. Genuinely supportive, loving and just about the best bunch of people you could hope to have dealt you by fate’s fickle hand and I would like to think they all feel the same way. When we all get together, there is a sincere and

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The C Word ……..

….Christmas. While most of civilised society are contemplating a few days off and time spent with loved ones at Christmas, the hospitality industry is clenching its buttocks during the annual bunfight known as December. Contented kitchens will be thrown into chaos by the addition of the obligatory festive menu and 20

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